Along with its Chinese partners, World Textile Information Network (WTiN) brings you Innovate: Textile Technology Week.

WTiN’s partners in China will be announced shortly but have over 1 million followers on WeChat and other new media outlets.

The event is free to attend and consists of a series of technology-based sponsored webinars, meaning European and American OEMs do not miss out on the opportunity to showcase their technology to one of the most important markets in the textile industry: China.

The series will run at the same time ITMA ASIA + CITME was due to take place: 21-25 November 2022.

At WTiN we are aware that despite difficult market conditions, and sometimes because of this challenging manufacturing landscape, innovation is rife. Therefore, we feel it paramount that technology providers are able to connect with their key target markets to ensure business and connections continue to grow.

With WTiN’s reach in the industry, sponsored webinars are a tried and tested model in terms of lead generation – and only qualified textile industry professionals will be allowed to attend. A structured webinar can provide the opportunity to build brand awareness as well as educate the target audience and analyse a commercial or technical matter of interest. These webinars allow the industry to do just that to the Chinese market.

Along with our Chinese partners, we feel this is an exciting opportunity to overcome yet another industry challenge following the rescheduling of ITMA ASIA + CITME to 2023.

All sponsored webinar slots will last 45 minutes and will consist of live presentations and Q&As. Multiple slots are available to book throughout the week.

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世界纺织信息网 (WTiN) 与其中国合作伙伴一起新:纺织周。

WTiN 在中国的合作伙伴将很快公布,但在微信和其他新媒体上有超 100 万粉


系列将在 ITMA ASIA + CITME 原定于 2023 11 21 日至 25 行的同时举行。


随着 WTiN 在行中的影响力,助的网会在潜在客户产生方面是一种久的模式——只有合格的纺织业专业人士才能参加。构化的网会可以提供建立品牌知名度和教育目的机会众并分析感兴趣的商或技术问题

与我的中国合作伙伴一起,我们认为这是一个令人兴的机会,可以克服 ITMA ASIA + CITME 重新安排到 2023 年之后的另一个行

所有助的网段将持 45 ,包括现场演示和答。整个星期都有多个段可供预订



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